Watch 1 bitch 9 puppies video

Welcome to the world of “1 Bitch 9 Puppies,” an infamous video series that has shocked and horrified online communities worldwide. These disturbing videos depict unimaginable acts of animal cruelty committed by an unidentified individual. The footage showcases the torture and murder of a female dog and her litter of nine puppies in a graphic and merciless manner. The heinous nature of these videos has generated widespread outrage and calls for justice. Explore the dark depths of this chilling series at, where the harrowing details of these shocking events are brought to light. Brace yourself for an unsettling journey into the depths of human cruelty.

Watch 1 bitch 9 puppies video
Watch 1 bitch 9 puppies video

I. What is 1 bitch 9 pups?

1 Bitch 9 Pups is a disturbing series of fetish videos involving animal cruelty, created by an unidentified individual residing in McMinns Lagoon, Australia.

Initially, the video series did not have a specific name, but it was later dubbed “1 Bitch 9 Pups” by a person known as Dredderf, also referred to as Coolgnomechannel or Coolgnome.

The individual responsible for producing these videos is believed to be a 51-year-old Australian man. On Telegram, he used the username “Cerberus.” Over the course of several years, he is suspected of subjecting approximately 20 to 25 dogs to acts of torture, mutilation, rape, and ultimately, death [1]. Most of the dogs he targeted were pit bulls. According to his comments in a Telegram chat, he expressed a fondness for pit bulls and pit bull mixes because of their propensity to consume anything. After killing the dogs, he stored their remains in baskets, while on some occasions, he would cook and roast certain parts of the deceased animals to feed to new victims.

II. Origin 1 bit 9 pups

The horrific incident involving the torture and murder of a female dog and her litter of nine puppies occurred in November 2021. On or around the same day, the perpetrator filmed these heinous acts and shared multiple video clips on a Telegram group chat dedicated to “zoosadists” and zoophiles. The individual responsible for hosting the Telegram chat was known as Solid Cum Enjoyer and resided in Kaunas, Lithuania. He, too, was involved in zoosadistic activities.

The series known as 1 Bitch 9 Pups initially consisted of ten separate videos, each documenting the killing of an individual animal. When combined, these videos amount to a total duration of approximately 15 minutes, showcasing the extent of animal torture inflicted.

III. 1 bitch 9 puppies viral video

Towards the end of 2021, an unidentified user shared the video series on the private gore forum site called DeathAddict.

About four months later, on March 1, 2022, a user named ᴊᴀψᴅᴏɴ gained access to the Telegram chat and discovered the 1 Bitch 9 Pups video series. They then proceeded to transfer all the video files, except for two puppy death videos, to the gore forum website called Goreflix. The post received over 2,000 views.

A few weeks later, another user named Dredderf came across the videos on the specific Goreflix thread. Dredderf saved all the video clips, including the two missing ones, and merged them into a single compilation. On March 22, under the pseudonym Coolgnomechannel, Dredderf shared the complete video on the gore site called GoreDB to raise awareness and encourage the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator. The video on GoreDB amassed over 6,500 views. In the same month, the video gained attention from various online communities, particularly KiwiFarms and several NSFW communities on Reddit. The content of the videos was shockingly disturbing and inhumane, leading to traumatized and outraged reactions from viewers, including those accustomed to graphic imagery.

A week after its publication, GoreDB removed the video due to a violation of the site’s anti-animal cruelty policy. However, the original Goreflix thread still had eight video files accessible, although viewing them required creating an account. By late June, the original post on Goreflix was removed as the site modified its policy to prohibit forum topics related to bestiality, zoosadism, and other illegal subjects like child pornography and abuse. Nevertheless, some short clips had already spread to other websites, including

Additionally, a video featuring a brief sample from the same footage was posted on YouTube on May 10, 2022, by a user named Bradlay. The video played a 0.5-second segment of the first puppy before ending with a Rick Roll as soon as the man raised his hammer. It garnered over 2,200 views before Bradlay removed it on July 28, 2022.

On August 1, 2022, a collection of five screenshots from Screamer Wiki’s 1 Bitch 9 Pups page was shared on the subreddit r/NoahGetTheBoat. The post received over 8,600 upvotes before being removed on August 4. The following day, screenshots of user reactions to the 1 Bitch 9 Pups article on the subreddit r/RedditMomment garnered over 2,300 upvotes.

IV. Arrest the culprit in one bitch nine puppies

In April 2022, the NT Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team (JACET) received an email from an investigator named Mushrooms4 concerning the video and took immediate action to locate the individual responsible. Within two days of commencing their investigation, the NT team, in collaboration with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), located the man at his residence in McMinns Lagoon. During a search of his property, a substantial amount of explicit animal cruelty videos and photos were discovered, leading to the man’s arrest.

Initially charged with 15 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and two counts of bestiality under the NT Criminal Code, the severity of his offenses prompted a gradual increase in the number of charges. Ultimately, he faced a total of 213 cruelty charges. The man remained in custody and made his appearance in the Darwin Local Court on April 26. However, during the initial trial, Judge Alan Woodcock deemed the explicit nature of the crimes to be incredibly graphic, resulting in the suppression of deeper details about the man’s actions.

Subsequent court trials to reveal the man’s identity were repeatedly delayed. Initially scheduled for June 22, the trial dates were then postponed to July 13 and July 17 due to the nature of the crimes, which were considered extremely repulsive. However, the indefinite delay was lifted, and the man’s next trial date was set for October 12.

V. Content 1 bitch 9 pups video

The video series depicts an extremely disturbing scenario where a naked middle-aged man takes an adult female boxer/pitbull mix and her nine 2/3-week-old puppies to secluded areas of the Darwin forest. He carries various tools with him, including a kitchen knife, a rusty handsaw, and a driller hammer. Throughout the videos, the man remains silent, and his face is intentionally concealed, making it difficult to identify him.

The footage of the animal killings is of high resolution, although some clips have scenes that skip, suggesting that some animals may have been subjected to longer periods of torture than what was captured on camera.

In each video, the man gruesomely murders the animals one by one in unimaginable ways. Shockingly, the mother dog shows no reaction to the brutal acts and even licks the serious wounds and exposed innards of her still-living pups. It is possible that she was trying to care for her injured offspring, unaware of the severity of their condition.

The series includes at least 10 videos, each featuring abhorrent dog killings:

  • Pup 1 – The man places the first puppy on a log and uses a driller hammer to inflict fatal damage to its skull.
  • Pup 2 – Another pup is placed on the same log and sawn in half with a handsaw.
  • Pup 3 – The man places the pup on the log, stomps on it multiple times, and then sits on it with his bare buttocks. He proceeds to rub the deceased pup with his testicles while masturbating. He finishes by placing the pup in the dog’s mouth and closing her muzzle.
  • Pup 4 – The man stabs the pup through its anus while the mother dog continues to lick it.
  • Pup 5 – The man stabs the pup in its mouth.
  • Pup 6 – The man takes the next pup, cuts its genitalia, and masturbates while the dog licks the dying puppy.
  • Pup 7 – The man disembowels the pup using a knife.
  • Pup 8 – The man uses his hands to kill the pup and forcefully strikes it against the log.
  • Pup 9 – The man breaks the pup’s limbs with his hands, disembowels it with a knife, decapitates it with a saw, and ejaculates on its head.

Mother – The final victim is the mother dog. The man urinates in her mouth, immobilizes her with duct tape around her muzzle, ankles, and wrists, and ties her to a dead tree with a leash. He proceeds to physically assault her in various ways. The man removes the duct tape from the dog, places three dead pups into a cut hole in her body, and continues to beat her.
The details and acts depicted in these videos are highly disturbing and graphic, causing immense distress and outrage among viewers.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been sourced from various different outlets, including and a number of other newspapers. While we have made every effort to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is accurate and 100% verified. Therefore, we advise caution when referencing this article or using it as a source for your own research or reports.


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