Bahsid Mclean Holding Head: Smirking Bahsid McLean poses with dead mom Tanya Byrd’s severed head

In a horrifying episode that has sent shockwaves across communities and stirred conversation about mental health and crime, we delve into the unsettling story of “Bahsid McLean Holding Head: Smirking Bahsid McLean poses with dead mom Tanya Byrd’s severed head.” Here at, we attempt to unpack the layers of this deeply distressing event. Our analysis seeks to offer a broader understanding of the tragic circumstances surrounding this case, while demonstrating the necessity of sustained discourse about such traumatic incidents.

Bahsid Mclean Holding Head: Smirking Bahsid McLean poses with dead mom Tanya Byrd’s severed head
Bahsid Mclean Holding Head: Smirking Bahsid McLean poses with dead mom Tanya Byrd’s severed head

I. What is bahsid mclean holding head?

Bahsid McLean, a schizophrenic man seen smirking in a horrifying photo, held his decapitated mother’s head as if it was a trophy. This image is indeed revolting to the stomach.

The alleged monster, who appears almost joyful after his mother’s gruesome death and dismemberment, is accused of the murder of 52-year-old Tanya Byrd. Her body parts were horrifically stuffed into garbage bags and discarded at four separate locations in South Bronx.

The suspected murderer reportedly used a two-foot Black and Decker jigsaw to dismember the body. The dreadful image of the aftermath was found by the police on McLean’s mobile phone.

McLean, a youthful-looking 23-year-old, was arrested on Tuesday following the discovery of his mother’s leg sticking out from a pile of trash near the apartment where the heinous crime took place. A dog walker had made this grisly find.

According to sources, McLean confessed to the terrifying homicide later on.

After appearing in court on Thursday, McLean is still held in custody. Family members disclosed that the deranged suspect has a past filled with violence.

What is bahsid mclean holding head?
What is bahsid mclean holding head?

II. Bahsid Mclean picture of head Suspect

In a chilling episode, Bahsid McLean, aged 23, was pictured posing in front of a bathroom mirror, gripping his mother’s decapitated head under his arm as if it were a macabre trophy. He was captured in a self-shot photograph, grinning at the camera on his mobile phone.

Late last night, McLean was formally accused of second-degree murder in relation to his mother’s demise. The victim was identified as Tanya Byrd, 45 years of age. According to police, a man walking his dog made a grisly discovery of Byrd’s remains, encased in a trash bag, early on Tuesday.

Alongside McLean, his acquaintance, William Harris, 26, also faced charges. Both were indicted with hindering prosecution and the illegal dissection of a human body. In addition to these charges, Harris is also accused of being in possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of marijuana.

According to sources, the duo allegedly separated Byrd’s decapitated head and her mutilated body, placing them in different bags. They then callously discarded these bags among neighborhood trash across several locations, as reported by The Post. The police reported that Byrd’s remains were wrapped in plastic and, in some instances, even stashed inside suitcases.

Insiders informed The Post that Byrd was likely murdered in her Bronx residence, either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. A surveillance video allegedly depicted McLean and Harris in a hardware store, purchasing a power saw using cash. Reportedly, evidence pertaining to the gruesome crime was uncovered in both suspects’ residences.

As reported by The Post, when confronted about Byrd’s death, both suspects pointed fingers at each other, attempting to shift the blame.

Bahsid Mclean picture of head Suspect
Bahsid Mclean picture of head Suspect

III. Bahsid Mclean holding head appear in court

A law enforcement authority revealed that the shocking image of McLean with his mother’s severed head was just one of numerous horrifying photos discovered on McLean’s mobile device. A source informed the Post, “I lost sleep over it. Just sheer inhumanity. It’s appalling what he did to her.”

The police conjecture that McLean brutally stabbed his mother to death, probably late Saturday or on Monday, then utilized a power saw to dismember her body, scattering the remains around his Bronx neighborhood.

McLean, along with an accomplice, allegedly crammed the woman’s body parts into three heavy-duty garbage bags. Some of these remains were stashed in luggage and dumped across at least four different locations in Morrisania. A dog-walker made the grisly discovery on early Tuesday morning.

On Friday, McLean attended his arraignment in court, where he insisted that he “didn’t do anything wrong.” Wearing a black plastic garbage bag due to repeated urination, he has been placed on suicide watch after the horrifying assault on his mother earlier in the week.

The mentally unstable man defended himself to the judge, stating that Byrd was dying, and he was merely trying to assist her. However, the specifics of her supposed health condition remained unexplained.

McLean’s defense attorney, Jerry Iannece, revealed that his client is currently undergoing a psychological assessment and had been off his medication, though the specifics of the medication were not disclosed. Iannece acknowledged the case’s troubling nature, but ensured CBS News that his team would “investigate and defend it thoroughly.”

During the court hearing, McLean exhibited several emotional outbursts and was ultimately denied bail.

McLean, known on Twitter as @killtanyabyrd, is suspected of stabbing his mother to death in their shared apartment bedroom either on Sunday night or Monday morning. It remains uncertain whether McLean’s seven-year-old brother, Nasyr, who has Down’s syndrome, was present during the incident.

The macabre images, discovered on McLean’s mobile phone by the police, along with an initial confession, culminated in his being charged with murder on Wednesday.

Bahsid Mclean holding head appear in court
Bahsid Mclean holding head appear in court

IV. The scene Bahsid Mclean gore

Upon entering the apartment that Bahsid McLean shared with his mother and younger brother, the police were immediately hit with a potent smell of bleach. After uncovering disturbing evidence within the apartment, McLean was escorted out of the premises in handcuffs.

Byrd’s dismembered body parts were discovered scattered across at least four separate roadside locations within a half-mile radius of their Morrisania residence, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Her gruesome remains, which included her head, torso, right leg, and hands, were either concealed in travel bags or shoved into plastic garbage bags.

McLean, who is reported to have learning disabilities, conceded to the heinous crime during his interrogation by NYPD officers, as disclosed by sources to The New York Daily News.

Throughout Tuesday, investigators meticulously sifted through piles of garbage in the South Bronx neighborhood. This extensive search was initiated after a dog-walker stumbled upon human remains inside a travel bag around 4:30 am and promptly alerted the police.

One after another, Byrd’s severed head, right leg, torso, and hands were located within the vicinity of Eagle Avenue, 158th Street, 156th Street, and Cauldwell Avenue.

In a chilling detail revealed by police sources to the Daily News, some of Byrd’s body parts were found still clad in the clothes she was wearing at the time of her brutal killing.

The scene Bahsid Mclean gore
The scene Bahsid Mclean gore

V. Family’s reaction to the case Bahsid Mclean holding head

McLean’s aunt revealed that her nephew had harbored resentment towards his mother after being placed in a foster home while she struggled with drug addiction. He returned to live with her at the age of 18. There were also suspicions that he was abusive towards his younger brother, who started showing signs of physical harm.

Cassandra McLean, referring to the 23-year-old, used the term ‘monster’ and alleged that he had been planning his mother’s murder. She declared to the Daily News, “My nephew is a monster. This murder was premeditated.”

She expressed her belief that he deserves capital punishment, stating, “He took away one of God’s angels, and for that, he deserves to go to hell.”

Even his father acknowledged his troubled nature, with James McLean telling the Daily News, “He did destructive things. He set fires; nobody could control him.”

A picture on his Facebook page depicts him setting a scarf on fire.

His sister, Porsche Lovett, asserted that he showed no remorse for his actions. She told the Daily News, “He looked me in the eyes and told me he did nothing wrong when he killed her. I don’t know who he is.”

A neighbor expressed a lack of surprise over the horrific incident to the paper, stating, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bahsid killed her. She was afraid of that boy… He was a hellion.”

One unnamed relative shared with DNAInfo that Byrd was sometimes scared of her son, yet she loved him. The relative added, “He’s acted out in violent ways before, but I never thought he could do something like this. Not in a million years.”

Cassandra McLean initially defended her nephew, suspecting that Byrd’s allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend was behind her gruesome murder and dismemberment.

Police confirmed that McLean reported his mother missing at the Bronx’s 40th precinct station. When the police arrived at his house, they matched a photograph he provided to the severed head found in one of the bags, leading them to discover the dissection tools.

McLean reportedly informed the police that he had been unable to reach his mother for at least a day.

Cassandra McLean disclosed that her nephew had suffered from learning difficulties from a young age. She further stated that McLean had mentioned seeing Byrd’s former boyfriend on Monday, which was supposedly the last time he had seen her.

She expressed her disapproval of Byrd’s ex-boyfriend to DNAInfo, warning her sister to avoid him. However, Byrd dismissed her concerns, insisting he was harmless.

Cassandra spoke fondly of her sister, stating, “She was a loving mother and very devoted to her son. That’s what she lived for. That’s her joy in life.”

Elizabeth Cruz, a neighbor, expressed that Byrd would never have voluntarily abandoned her youngest son due to his reliance on her because of his Down’s syndrome.

Another neighbor, familiar with Byrd, shared with DNAInfo that Byrd was good to her children, stating, “She’s a good person, she’s a good mom.

Family's reaction to the case Bahsid Mclean holding head
Family’s reaction to the case Bahsid Mclean holding head

VI. Bahsid Mclean video

Please note that all information presented in this article has been sourced from various different outlets, including and a number of other newspapers. While we have made every effort to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is accurate and 100% verified. Therefore, we advise caution when referencing this article or using it as a source for your own research or reports.


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