Carson Crimeni Snapchat Video Goes Viral: The Snapchat Video That Shocked the World

The death of Carson Crimeni, a 14-year-old boy from British Columbia, Canada, shook the world after a Snapchat video of him being bullied and intoxicated was shared on social media. The video went viral and sparked outrage among the public, leading to calls for justice and change. At, we delve deeper into the story behind the Carson Crimeni Snapchat Video and its aftermath, exploring its impact on youth, substance abuse, and social media.

Carson Crimeni Snapchat Video Goes Viral: The Snapchat Video That Shocked the World
Carson Crimeni Snapchat Video Goes Viral: The Snapchat Video That Shocked the World

I. Who is Carson Crimeni?

The untimely demise of Carson Crimeni, a 14-year-old adolescent from British Columbia, Canada, stirred national consciousness in 2019, following a harrowing ordeal of peer-induced intimidation and chemical intoxication. His tragic passing, occasioned by the deplorable maltreatment he suffered at the hands of his contemporaries, received unprecedented exposure on social media after a video depicting his wretched encounter was posted on the widely popular Snapchat platform. The ensuing widespread outrage and vociferous calls for justice and culpability sparked a heated and contentious public debate.

Who is Carson Crimeni?
Who is Carson Crimeni?

II. How did Carson Crimeni die?

Carson Crimeni was a 14-year-old boy who tragically lost his life in 2019 after being given a lethal dose of MDMA by a group of older teenagers with whom he was hanging out. Later that same evening, Carson was found in medical distress at a Langley skate park. Shockingly, videos of him in the throes of an overdose were circulating on social media by that point. It is estimated that at least a dozen people, and potentially hundreds more, watched Carson suffering and dying, yet chose to do nothing to help him.

In connection with this heartbreaking case, one person has now pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The BC Prosecution Service confirmed this guilty plea on Monday, with a court appearance scheduled for Friday at which a time and date for sentencing will be determined. While the results of toxicology tests have not been publicly disclosed, Carson’s family believes that he overdosed after being given drugs by the group of teens he had met up with that day. The circumstances of his death are a stark reminder of the dangers of drug abuse and the responsibility we all have to look out for one another’s safety and well-being.

How did Carson Crimeni die?
How did Carson Crimeni die?

III. Carson Crimeni Snapchat Video Goes Viral

Carson Crimeni, a 14-year-old adolescent from Langley, British Columbia, tragically died on Wednesday from a suspected drug overdose, surrounded by witnesses who stood by and recorded the harrowing incident on their cellphones. Carson’s grandfather, Darrel Crimeni, discovered the boy still breathing but lying unresponsive on the ground at Langley Skatepark in the evening. Despite paramedics performing CPR and quickly transporting him to the hospital, Carson was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, according to CBC. The RCMP is urging anyone who may have interacted with Carson in his final hours to come forward and provide any relevant information to aid their investigation.

Carson’s family members maintain that the boy was given drugs by someone else, and witnesses stood idly by and recorded videos of his deteriorating condition, later posting them to social media. When his grandfather found him at approximately 9:30 p.m., Carson was alone and without any assistance. “They left him to die,” Darrel Crimeni lamented.

According to CTV News Vancouver, Carson was seen earlier that day at the skatepark with a group of boys who allegedly taunted him and filmed his distressing situation as it worsened over time. The tragic circumstances surrounding Carson’s passing serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of treating one another with empathy and compassion.

IV. The video have prompted outrage and disgust online

Aron Crimeni, Carson’s father, has urged any witnesses who may have been angered or upset by the tragic events at Langley Skatepark to direct their reactions towards the RCMP. In a statement issued to the media on Sunday, Crimeni emphasized the importance of allowing law enforcement to conduct their investigation without interference.

“We understand that these events have emotionally affected many people, and we ask that the community let the police do their investigation to get us answers and justice,” Crimeni said. He urged anyone who was present at the skatepark that day, or anyone who has relevant information, to come forward and contact the 24-hour tip line.

Crimeni also implored the community to place their trust in the RCMP and not to take matters into their own hands. He cautioned that any actions taken outside of providing tips and evidence could potentially distract from the ongoing investigation.

According to criminal lawyer Kyla Lee, the individuals who filmed Carson could potentially face charges of criminal negligence causing death. Lee argued that the act of filming Carson in distress would be sufficient to demonstrate a deliberate disregard for his life, which would enable the Crown to prove the offense. She cited the captions accompanying the Snapchat videos, which disappeared within 24 hours, as evidence of the severity of the situation.

The video have prompted outrage and disgust online
The video have prompted outrage and disgust online

V. Concluding the viral video on Carson Crimeni’s snapchat

The tragic death of Carson Crimeni in 2019, after being bullied and given drugs, has garnered significant attention worldwide. A Snapchat video of his ordeal went viral, bringing to light the serious issue of peer-induced harassment and drug abuse among young people. The videos circulating on social media prompted widespread outrage and calls for accountability from those responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable members of society. Carson’s father has urged anyone with relevant information to come forward and cooperate with the RCMP’s investigation into the matter. The potential criminal charges for those who filmed Carson’s distressing situation underscore the gravity of the situation and the importance of treating others with empathy and compassion. The tragic case of Carson Crimeni highlights the need for society to remain vigilant in protecting vulnerable members and preventing such incidents from happening in the future.

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