Police release Jason Galleghan video after murder of 16-year-old boy

Police have released new CCTV footage, known as the Jason Galleghan video, in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Jason Galleghan. The tragic incident occurred in August 2021, and a number of individuals have been charged with their alleged involvement in the crime. The Jason Galleghan video has been released on and police hope that it will lead to new information and help them bring those responsible to justice.

Police release Jason Galleghan video after murder of 16-year-old boy
Police release Jason Galleghan video after murder of 16-year-old boy

I. Who is Jason Galleghan?

Two years ago, a schoolboy named Galleghan disappeared after leaving home. Jason was 14 years old at the time of his disappearance, and he was 16 years old when he was reported missing. Unfortunately, he became a victim of kidnapping and murder, allegedly at the hands of six individuals who were no more than 15 years old. Shockingly, one of the perpetrators was a 15-year-old girl who was involved in torturing Jason. All of the accused were presented in children’s court for the offense of murder.

According to police investigation, Jason was last seen on Cahill Place in Marrickville and was spotted walking alone in Doonside. As an autistic child, he was different from others, and the internet community had shown their support for him due to his condition.

Who is Jason Galleghan?
Who is Jason Galleghan?

II. Cause of death of Jason Galleghan reddit

A woman named Stacey Pale, who helped cover up the violent death of Sydney teen Jason Galleghan, will remain free on bail until her fate is determined later this year. Pale pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to grievous bodily harm, following the alleged murder of Galleghan, who was allegedly lured to a Doonside home and attacked by a gang of juveniles and adults on August 4, 2021. The attack, which was broadcast online, was described by a judge as “cruelty of the highest order”.

Pale is believed to have been in a relationship with Richard Sione, who police allege was one of the first to attack Jason and has been charged with murder. While Pale claimed to have been outside during the ordeal, she is not accused of being directly involved in the attack itself. When neighbours asked about the screaming they heard, Pale dismissed their concern by saying it was just a family dispute. Kayla Dawson, who police allege lured Jason to his death, offered a similar explanation.

After the gang left Galleghan alone in the house, Pale told police that she had met Dawson at Doonside train station while buying cigarettes and had been at the property to do laundry. She was nearby when Dawson told police that “two African men” were responsible for the attack. The attack on Jason Galleghan was a tragic incident that shocked the community, and the accused will face justice in court.

Cause of death of Jason Galleghan reddit
Cause of death of Jason Galleghan reddit

III. Police release Jason Galleghan video reddit after murder of 16-year-old boy

Recently, the police released new CCTV footage of two males walking near the home around the time of the fatal assault. The first man is described as having Pacific Islander/Maori appearance, wearing a black hooded-jumper, black long pants, white sneakers, and carrying a drink bottle. The second man is described as wearing long black pants, a bright red and black hooded-jumper, and carrying a black, red, and blue item. The police hope that releasing this footage will help in identifying the individuals and bring justice to Jason’s tragic death.


IV. The court sentenced Jason Galleghan

Harley Bartolo, a man charged with being an accessory after the fact to causing grievous bodily harm in connection with the alleged murder of Jason Galleghan, has been sentenced to a maximum term of 25 months. This sentence was backdated from October 8, 2021, when he was taken into custody and will end on November 7 this year. Bartolo’s non-parole period of 17 months will expire on March 7.

Jason Galleghan died on August 6, after being attacked and left with multiple injuries to his head, neck, trunk, and limbs, as well as a fractured jaw, clotting in his lungs, and brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. Bartolo did not take part in the assault and spent most of his time in the home’s lounge room, only entering the bedroom to retrieve his mobile phone. When police arrived at the scene, Bartolo falsely claimed that two “Sudanese males” had conducted the attack, and he repeated these lies in a statement he made at Blacktown Police Station.

However, Bartolo later backtracked on these statements and pleaded guilty to one charge of being an accessory after the fact to causing grievous bodily harm. During sentencing, the judge noted the impact of the events on those who knew and loved Jason Galleghan, expressing condolences to his family. The judge also took into account Bartolo’s “borderline” intellectual disabilities, which may have contributed to his poor decision-making, such as lying to the police. Additionally, the judge acknowledged that Bartolo’s time in custody had been difficult and frightening due to his intellectual condition. Ten other alleged co-offenders, including five teenagers, have also been charged in connection with the Doonside bashing.

The court sentenced Jason Galleghan
The court sentenced Jason Galleghan

V. Who Are Jason Galleghan Parents?

Jason Galleghan’s mother, Katie-Abrahams Galleghan, is known publicly, but there is no information available about his father. Recently, Katie-Abrahams Galleghan has been actively involved in a petition on to bring back the death penalty in Australia. Her efforts have gained support from a large number of social media users, who have not only shown their support but also sent her funding.

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