Thug Shaker Central Meme

For those unfamiliar with the Thug Shaker Central meme, it is a viral video trend that involves editing clips of Black men performing the “rump shaker” dance move while naked into unrelated videos, known as bait-and-switch media. The name “thug shaker” originated from a gay pornography video released in 2020, which featured a man paying a young Black man for sexual intercourse and asking him to shake his buttocks, referring to it as the “thug shaker.” In early 2023, classified documents related to the Russia-Ukraine war were leaked on a Discord server called Thug Shaker Central, sparking widespread discussion about the meme. In this article, we will explore the origins, spread, and impact of the Thug Shaker Central meme. Following !

Thug Shaker Central Meme

I. Origins of the Thug Shaker Meme

The gay pornographic video “That Dick Tastes Like Money,” created by Thug Hunter and released on April 30, 2020, is where the Thug Shaker meme got its start. In the video, Logan approaches a young Black man and offers him money in exchange for having sex. During the interaction, Logan requests that the man take off his pants and shake his buttocks, referring to this as the “thug shaker.” The name of the meme was inspired by a specific scene in the video.

An important turning point in the evolution of the meme was the introduction of the “thug shaker” dancing technique. This dancing move, which is related to Black culture, includes swaying one’s buttocks in a certain way. The “twerking” dance move is frequently used in hip-hop music videos where it is frequently performed. Twerking is similar to the “thug shaker” dancing routine, however it is done while standing up and usually involves less hip movement.

Origins of the Thug Shaker Meme

The emergence of the Thug Shaker meme was also influenced by the success of the bait-and-switch fad. This practice includes inserting a film of someone doing a certain action, like shaking their buttocks, into an unrelated video. The result is frequently humorous or startling. The Black Guy Twerking clip, which was initially posted to the video-sharing app Triller, significantly increased the trend’s virality in 2018. The video, which featured a young Black man twerking, was utilized in bait-and-switch films that went viral on Instagram. The Black Guy Twerking video became so famous that it eventually gave rise to the “thug shaker” meme, which involves employing the dance routine in misleading media.

In conclusion, the “That Dick Tastes Like Money” video by Thug Hunter, which popularized the “thug shaker” dance routine, is where the origins of the Thug Shaker meme may be found. The meme, which involves performing the “thug shaker” dance routine in bait-and-switch films, was created as a result of the bait-and-switch trend and the Black Guy Twerking video.

II. The Spread of the Thug Shaker Meme

Through the use of trolling techniques, memes, and bait-and-switch media, the Thug Shaker meme garnered enormous popularity on social media and online platforms.

1. Popularization of Thug Shaker bait-and-switch videos by jorge.mp4

A user of Instagram by the name of jorge.mp4 was one of the first to post bait-and-switch films with the Thug Shaker meme on their profile in October 2020. The Thug Shaker clip was first used in an edit by jorge.mp4 prior to October 19th, 2020. Following Jorge.mp4’s use of the Thug Shaker meme, other people started to make their own bait-and-switch videos utilizing the meme.

2. Use of Thug Shaker clip in memes and other bait-and-switch media

Soon, the Thug Shaker meme began to circulate not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, TikTok, and Discord. Users started integrating the Thug Shaker footage in various bait-and-switch media formats, such as fabricated news articles and manipulated video snippets. The Thug Shaker dance move was also a popular topic for memes and parodies, with users producing their own variations of the meme.

3. Use of Thug Shaker videos as a trolling tactic against Bill Jensen

The YouTuber Shane Boyle’s character Bill Jensen, a Christian streamer and YouTuber, has been the target of other trolling attempts using the Thug Shaker meme. During Jensen’s live streams, trolls would exploit the Thug Shaker footage to make offensive comments and gestures against him using phony accounts. Both supporters and detractors of the use of the Thug Shaker meme as a trolling device have voiced disagreement and criticism.

In conclusion, the Thug Shaker meme has expanded across a number of social media sites and has been included into a number of bait-and-switch media and memes. Additionally, Bill Jensen has been the target of the meme’s trolling, which has drawn criticism and debate.

III. Thug Shaker Central Discord Leak

The Russia-Ukraine War classified U.S. Pentagon data that were leaked in early 2023 on a Discord channel called Thug Shaker Central are known as the Thug Shaker Central Discord leak. The records were supplied to the server by Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. The images of the documents rapidly went viral on a number of social media sites, including 4chan, Twitter, and Telegram.

Teixeira posted the sensitive data on the Thug Shaker Central Discord server, where the breach first started. The images included maps, military movements, and other highly sensitive information on the Russia-Ukraine War. The information was soon shared on additional Discord channels, and it eventually appeared on a number of web platforms. Teixeira’s involvement in the leak led to his later arrest by the FBI.

Images of the stolen documents swiftly disseminated on social media sites including 4chan, Twitter, and Telegram. According to reports, Russian propagandists manipulated the documents to propagate false information about the fight. There was a great deal of stress and worry about the security of the classified material as a result of the dissemination of the documents and their change.

Government authorities and the general public both strongly opposed the disclosure of the confidential documents. It was regarded as a treasonous act and a violation of national security. The Thug Shaker meme debate was also significantly impacted by the disclosure since many people started to doubt the morality of exploiting viral trends for bad. The incident emphasizes the value of safeguarding sensitive information as well as the possible risks of disseminating it online.


Q: Is the Thug Shaker meme offensive?

A: The Thug Shaker meme has been criticized for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and fetishizing Black bodies, and therefore may be considered offensive by some.

Q: Who is Bill Jensen?

A: Bill Jensen is a Christian streamer and YouTuber who is a character played by YouTuber Shane Boyle. He has been the target of Thug Shaker bait-and-switch videos as a trolling tactic.

Q: What are the ethical implications of using viral trends for malicious purposes?

A: Using viral trends for malicious purposes, such as trolling or spreading false information, can have harmful consequences and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. It is important to consider the impact of our actions online and the potential harm they may cause.

The Thug Shaker Central meme has had a significant impact on online culture, with its origins tracing back to a gay pornography video in 2020 and its spread through bait-and-switch media and memes. The recent leak of classified documents on a Discord server named after the meme has further propelled its mainstream discourse. However, it is important to consider the ethical implications of using viral trends like Thug Shaker for malicious purposes, as well as the importance of protecting classified information.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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